Nomeco as a workplace

Committed and qualified employees are our most important resource. That is why it is essential to offer a good work environment with possibility for personal development and career opportunities.


Personnel Policy

Working at Nomeco, you help to ensure that the consumer receives the right medication at the right time. We offer a high level of service to our customers for the benefit of their customers.


Job satisfaction, ambition and development are guiding stars for Nomeco. We value resourcefulness and initiative – and expect responsibility and commitment. Nomeco wants to be the best place of work by supporting you and your personal development planning of common interest.


Attitude toward people

Nomeco's personnel policy expresses our attitude toward the company's employees. The personnel policy covers Nomeco's basic view of human values, our goals for Nomeco and key concepts such as quality, responsibility and management.  
We see the personnel policy as the framework carrying Nomeco's culture. The policy expresses the attitudes and values that are part of Nomeco's DNA.
We do not wish to have rigid rules and regulations, but we use our personnel policy to define the framework for the actions and flexibility, of you as an employee of Nomeco.