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Read about the Grand Opening of our new warehouse in Køge.

Let Nomeco handle your orders and stock so you can spend time on your customers. This is our great offer to pharmacies who partner with Nomeco. Through Nomeco VMI orders are placed automatically based on an electronic exchange between the pharmacy’s sales and stock numbers. VMI is short for Vendor Managed Inventory. VMI is based on the pharmacy’...

Watch a timelapse video of the construction of Nomeco's warehouse in Køge.
The demand for theft protection is increasing.
Nomeco's GDP and GMP authorisations have been updated. Click here to see all our authorisations and certificates.

In-house handling of clinical trials can at times be an administrative and practical burden. By (partly) outsourcing clinical trial distribution, pharmaceutical research organizations will often be able to free up internal resources and at the same time enhance security and quality of the distribution of their trial medication.