Nomeco Warehouse Site One

In 2019, Nomeco will open its new warehouse for Nomeco HealthCare Logistics, resulting in combining three warehouses in one place. The warehouse is in Køge and will be the largest and most automated of its kind in Northern Europe.

With more than 60.000 pallet spaces, state of the art in terms of efficiency, quality and security, the warehouse will be a safe choice for the pharmaceutical industry and suppliers of medical devices and other products for the healthcare sector.

Pharmaceuticals to the entire Nordic

The new warehouse in Køge is located at Idunsvej 3 at the Scandinavian Transport Center. From here, it will supply wholesalers, etc in the entire Nordic and Baltic region with pharmaceuticals and other products. As a result, the warehouse will meet the demand of the industry to consolidate its warehouses for the Nordic market and invest in third party logistics. The placement in Køge is ideal, because pharmaceuticals typically come by truck from the south on their way further north.

ONE warehouse in Køge

Huge investment

This is the PHOENIX Group’s largest single logistical investment to date, and the cost will be about 500M Danish kroner. The warehouse is expected to manage pharmaceuticals with a value of more than 11bn kroner each year.
The most striking feature of the building will be the 30-meter tall automatic high bay, and in addition, a large terminal building that will include refrigeration and receiving goods.

Super modern warehouse

The warehouse includes the newest technology and meets future demands. This makes Nomeco HealthCare Logistics the best and strongest outsourcing partner for all suppliers to the healthcare sector.


  • The 100,000m2 building site is located at Idunsvej 3, Scandinavian Transport Center in Køge
  • The building will cover an area of 25.000 m2 (equivalent to 3 football fields)
  • Capacity will be over 55.000 pallet spaces
  • The high storage warehouse will be operated by 16 fully automatic cranes


If you want to know more about Site Køge please contact our sales team.

Søren Vesti Esbensen Director, Nomeco HealthCare Logistics
+45 3076 5226