Clinical Trial Supply Management

In-house handling of clinical trials can at times be an administrative and practical burden. By (partly) outsourcing clinical trial distribution, pharmaceutical research organizations will often be able to free up internal resources and at the same time enhance security and quality of the distribution of their trial medication.
Nomeco HealthCare Logistics' Clinical Trial Supply Management (CTSM) concept covers all necessary services designed to manage warehousing and distribution of clinical trial materials – typically trial medication and patient documentation, i.e. trial code-envelopes. CTSM provides highly flexible solutions and customer service and we support all major IVRS systems (Interactive Voice Response System).  
When Nomeco CTSM manages the logistics, you are ensured a high level of documentation and validation, while at the same time, keeping full control of the process, ownership and overview. This is because as the customer, you approve every step in the logistics process.


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