Vendor Managed Inventory

Let Nomeco handle your orders and stock so you can spend time on your customers. This is our great offer to pharmacies who partner with Nomeco. Through Nomeco VMI orders are placed automatically based on an electronic exchange between the pharmacy’s sales and stock numbers. VMI is short for Vendor Managed Inventory. VMI is based on the pharmacy’s own numbers from their own stock and replacement policies. And it is completely product neutral.


A strong partnership

VMI is based on a close logistical partnership. The pharmacy's strengths are the professional knowledge of pharmaceutical issues, whereas Nomeco draws on strong competencies within IT, logistics and inventory management. This way, we each contribute with our strong competencies. Aside from having strong logistical competencies, the pharmacies VMI-consultant, is often an experienced pharmacologist with a pharmacy background. This ensures that we speak the same language, which requires close cooperation to ensure success.


Used by most

The success of VMI is not just something that we claim. The numbers speak for themselves: Most of Denmark's pharmacies use Nomeco's VMI, and more than half of the turnover at Danish pharmacies is processed via VMI.


Benefits of Nomeco's VMI include:

  • A more competitive pharmacy
  • Retain a high service level at the pharmacy
  • Logistical costs are minimal because the pharmacy does not need to order products
  • The pharmacy can spend more time on the customers
  • The pharmacy's purchasing is optimised – not in the least in connection with replacement
  • The pharmacy is on the forefront of logistical development
Lone Andreasen Afdelingschef VMI
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