Updated discounts

Nomeco updates terms for cost-based discounts to pharmacies.
As a medical wholesaler Nomeco can choose to pay a discount to the pharmacy in accordance with the pharmacy's purchase of Rx-medicine. This discount is cost-based which means that it is tied to the pharmacy's behavior that reduces Nomeco's logistics costs in relation to a set of standard delivery terms.
The conditions for obtaining a discount must be publicly available on Nomeca's website.
Nomeco has announced an updated version of our discount conditions, which will be effective as of January 1st 2019. From the turn of the year, the discounts will more adapted to the new market situation, where the competition between pharmacies has been sharpened over the past three years. This has challenged Nomeco's logistics - among other things. Due to many additional picking lines, fewer packs per picking line and increasing volumes of returned goods.
These costs are not contained in Nomeco's current discount sign, which has remained largely unchanged over the last 8 years. Therefore, there is a need for an adaptation that ensures that it is the good logistic behavior that is rewarded.
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