Unlicensed Products

IRS is a Danish abbreviation for non-approved specialties (pharmaceuticals). The term IRS covers all pharmaceuticals that have not been approved for use in Denmark. They require, therefore, special authorisation from the Danish Medicines Agency.
Nomeco's subsidiary, Specific Pharma, specialises in acquiring non-approved products from abroad.


Hospital Service assists hospital pharmacies with purchasing these non-approved pharmaceuticals, when there is a patient, who needs it. Through the years, the Hospital Service has developed a great deal of experience and knowledge in this area. We offer pharmaceutical advice and assistance, when there is an urgent need for foreign pharmaceuticals. 


Upon request, we can assist in finding information about unknown products, such as availability, delivery time and price. In Nomeco's Hospital Service, we also strive to be competitive with our prices considering the service level and delivery time.
See also www.specificpharma.eu


Rikke Skov Thomas

Rikke Skov Thomas

Key Account Manager & Team leader, Hospital Service

+45 2184 9500