It is possible to change the prices for pharmaceuticals every 14 days at www.medicinpriser.dk. As a manufacturer or supplier, it is your responsibility to ensure that Nomeco wholesale receives the information about prices changes in time, so we can update the new prices in our systems and in the price documents that are sent to the pharmacies' IT providers, prior to the start of the new tender period.

Warning of price changes

  • Price changes to the pharmacy-only drugs must be announced to Nomeco latest one week before the new price will apply.
  • Price changes to all other pharmaceuticals will become effective in the pharmacies' IT systems every 14 days. Warnings of these price changes must be sent to Nomeco latest one week before the new price will apply.
  • It is also important, that Nomeco receives a special notification, when the AIP increases with more than 10 %. This must be communicated latest Wednesday 8.00am five days prior to the new 14-day tender period.


Price changing schedule

This document describes which information Nomeco wholesale must receive and must be used by all suppliers when adding new products and changing prices to Nomeco wholesale.


The schedule must be sent to productinfo@nomeco.dk Price changes for over the counter products must be sent separately to sortiment@nomeco.dk.