Stop Shoplifting!

Shoplifters stay away when they see the risk of being caught is too big. Experiences from a number of pharmacies show that theft protection has a preventive effect.
The last three years Denmark has seen a great increase in new pharmacy units, and consumers now have 50% more pharmacies to choose from. This also applies to the shoplifters.

Tempting shoplifters

"The many new pharmacy units are increasingly tempting shoplifters with greater self choice, large entrances without doors, and located in shopping centers. Add long opening hours with less staffing, "says Claus Hammer from Forex. Forex is Nomeco's department for construction and design of pharmacies.
Forex is also one of the suppliers of security systems for pharmacies. There is a growing demand for alarms and video surveillance.
Claus Hammer does not doubt that the increasing interest among pharmacies to safeguard themselves against theft depends on the location of the new units:
"There are more devices like shop-in-shop and shopping centers. Here, almost all other stores have product protection, and of course there is a reason. When we put the pharmacy in places where other stores are located, we also inherit their challenges - including theft."


Extent uncertain

It is hard to say exactly how big the issue of theft from pharmacies is. Therefore, it is also difficult to measure the impact of product protection and surveillance.
Nomeco has spoken to a number of pharmacies who are sure their theft protection helps - even if they have not measured the impact before setting up security and video surveillance.
"We no longer experience shelves that have been cleared and the alarm has not caught a thief - yet. I think shoplifters are very aware whether or not there is an alarm, "says Pharmacist Lene Mazanti Mikkelsen from Stjerneapoteket in Aarhus.

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