In Denmark, the Danish Medicines Agency must be contacted first when a pharmaceutical product must be recalled from the market.
Nomeco recommends the following procedure regarding recalls:


Contact The Danish Medicines Agency

  • by phone on +45 4488 9595. For more information, see the Danish Medicines Agency's website:
  • Agree with the Danish Medicines Agency what actions to take. Remember to agree with the Danish Medicines Agency, how to contact your customers (e.g. pharmacies, hospitals or wholesalers)  


Contact Nomeco

  • Are you a supplier to Nomeco Wholesale: Send e-mail to or contact your daily contact person in the Purchasing department by phone.
  • Are you a supplier to Nomeco HealthCare Logistics: Contact your daily contact person at the HealthCare Logistics customer service by phone and email AND send an email to
  • Outside normal business hours, Nomeco can be reached on +45 3645 4536, where a call centre will take your call. If the recall is related to products in CTSM, CTSM must be contacted on +45 6034 6568.
  • If you contact Nomeco by phone, Nomeco must also within the hour receive a written confirmation of the instructions related to the recall via the abovementioned email addresses.
  • Nomeco will immediately block the recalled product and manage the product according to the agreement with the supplier.
  • Nomeco will also be ready to receive the recalled products from the market (e.g. pharmacies, hospitals and others)


Recalls from the pharmacy

  • Recalls from the pharmacy according to the agreement with the Danish Medicines Agency.
  • A recall of pharmaceuticals must be able to take place immediately and at all times (section § 26 on Complaints and Recalls of the Executive order on distribution of pharmaceuticals). Do you, as manufacturer or importer, need to recall a pharmaceutical from private pharmacies. You can contact Nomeco for a list with names of pharmacies which currently have Nomeco as main Wholesale. Please contact If contact information for the pharmacies is required, we refer to Danmarks Apotekerforening
  • You are encouraged to immediately send a recall message to the country's pharmacies from your own email. Nomeco always recommends that you send the email to all pharmacies, as you can never know for sure, who has the pharmaceutical in question.