Quality Pharmacy

Nomeco is synonymous with the highest quality within healthcare logistics. Our goal is to always deliver the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time, and in the right condition. This way, we live up to our mission of ensuring the public timely access to medication.

Good Distribution Practice - GDP

Everything at Nomeco complies with Good Distribution Practice (GDP), which is also enforced by Danish legislation. The Danish Medicines Agency visits us frequently to ensure that we live up to the rules and regulations, and that we are on top of security, documentation, storing facilities, management, etc. Nomeco's quality control system is also ISO 9001 certified.


Validated Cooling Chain

The quality at Nomeco also applies to the cooling chain. Refrigerated goods are very fragile, and that is why Nomeco has validated its cooling chain from the time that we receive the product until it is at the pharmacy. This means, that we package refrigerated products in special refrigerators when delivered to the pharmacy. The refrigerators can hold products for a specific amount of time, and the pharmacies know that they nightly deliveries of refrigerated products must be unpacked first and put on ice again.