Nomeco plays an important role in the Danish healthcare system. We help ensure that the right drug is available to the consumer when the need arises. At Nomeco, we stand for the industry's highest standards in health logistics.

  • We must deliver the medication on time
  • We must deliver the right medication
  • We must deliver the medication to the right person
  • We must be able to find the medication quickly
  • We must ensure that the medication is delivered intact

Nomeco's work processes are all described in manuals, and all employees are continuously trained in performing their tasks. The manuals are managed in our Quality Management System (QMS), which ensures that we always have the most up to date and approved manuals.
Quality is everybody's responsibility, and it is expected of all employees, that they adhere to the GDP rules and the descriptions that are in our manuals.

"Quality means doing the right thing – even when nobody is looking"

Pia Rask Stewart

Quality Director