Nomeco HealthCare Logistics' core service is Pre-wholesale. With a Pre-wholesale solution; warehousing, customer service and parts of the finance function are outsourced to Nomeco. Nomeco HealthCare Logistics specialises in these types of solutions for small as well as larger companies. We manage both national and international assignments and are the market leader in the Nordic countries.


Pharmaceutical distribution

Our transportation volume and expertise ensure that no assignment is too big, while our Key Account Management system ensures full awareness of the needs of small as well as larger companies.


Nomeco HealthCare Logistics ensures:

  • pharmaceutical companies have optimal access to their drugs on the market. Pharmaceutical companies can therefore direct their focus to product development and sale.   

  • that our customers can draw on comprehensive knowledge and accessible data on sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals.

  • target set deliveries to the customers – wholesalers, hospitals and the industry. Our customer’s customers will receive one consolidated dispatch at a time, which can be invoiced by a single partner. This will in turn reduce the resource consumption for our customer’s customers.

  • through state of the art information systems, that pharmaceutical companies have full access and insight into the market data.


Special handling

An increasing number of pharmaceuticals require special handling. Nomeco HealthCare Logistics offers to manage products, which require a tailored set-up. We have considerable experience developing flexible solutions according to GDP standards; they are tailored to fit the individual products and their respective companies.
Special handling is often necessary due to the product’s characteristics, storage conditions or because of their specific clinical use. For instance, for

  • Products for rare diseases, which are sold in small quantities – orphan drugs

  • Restricted products and special security routines

  • Products that require specific storage or distribution conditions

  • Products with short durability

  • Products that must be available to doctors and patients in acute situations – that is within a few hours

  • Products that require special transport conditions or specific packaging materials

A few of these products are subject to strict requirements from the authorities regarding risk management and the use of every individual package must be documented. Nomeco HealthCare Logistics will take great care to ensure safety and documentation at a high level.



A Central Warehouse solution can include the following components:

  • Receiving goods
  • Warehousing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Distribution
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Services



For additional information on our Central Warehouse solution, please feel free to contact the Nomeco HealthCare Logistics' sales team.

Søren Vesti Esbensen Director, Nomeco HealthCare Logistics
+45 3076 5226