Pharmacy Design

At Nomeco, the pharmacy can get help with the layout and design of the shop to renovation and construction. Nomeco's department Forex is Denmark's leader within layout and design for pharmacies. With its own inventory system, construction management, architects and designers, they can help find the best solution – and get it implemented.
Furthermore, Forex provides goods and retail insurance, number systems, medicine fridge, cooling logs and other highly specialised solutions for the pharmacy's operation. In addition, there are consumer packages with bags, receipt rolls, forms, etc.


Space management optimises sales

Moreover, the pharmacy can get advice on improving logistics and subsequently increased sales. With Space Management, Nomeco can systematically organise the layout of the pharmacy. This will optimise the display and division of goods in the self-service area and behind the counter – not to mention the logistics in the dispensary.
Nomeco will always base the proposals on the pharmacy's sales figures, and a Space Management inspection of the pharmacy will always be conducted in close cooperation with the pharmacy and Nomeco's consultants. This increases the pharmacy's earning and turnover rate, the pharmacy gets a better-looking layout, reduced stock and processing costs and improved internal logistics.
We have a great deal of experience with Space Management-projects at many pharmacies. With our concept, the pharmacy gets:

  • Increased earnings and turnover rate
  • A better-looking layout
  • Reduced stock- and processing costs
  • Improved internal logistics



If you want to know more about how we can help with your pharmacy design please contact

Claus Hammer Director, Forex
4017 4030