Nomeco's Business Continuity Plan – Corona

Nomeco continuously evaluates risks and issues related to the Corona virus. We are in close dialogue with relevant authorities. 


Nomeco´s Business Continuity Plan – BCP - accounts for different critical scenarios, which could threaten the reliability of deliveries of medicine and medical supplies within Nomeco´s area of business. 


One of the scenarios in the BCP refers to reduced manpower – due to pandemic, labour dispute etc.


Nomeco has already implemented the following actions in order to maintain a stable and timely operation:


  • We have informed all employees about precautions, guidelines, and hygiene.
  • We have increased the possibility of working from home.
  • We have restricted assortment and access to canteens.
  • We have stricter requirements for our external workforce.
  • All drivers coming from abroad receive – and must wear - protective equipment when entering Nomeco´s warehouses. 
  • We have reduced travel, meeting activities, and larger gatherings.