Paperless workflow and more time for customers

With an iPad in the hand, you can perform a wide range of functions at the pharmacy without being stuck to a computer. Especially when using Nomeco's specially developed app, you have a wealth of options to manage the various fixed workflows and practices of the pharmacy simply and securely. For this reason, Nomeco loans an iPad to all its customers with the possibility to lease more.


Paperless practices  

The iPad is a great help to everything that happens behind the scenes: you can move freely with the iPad when receiving goods and tick off the deliveries. Or you can quickly check the daily order lines and cross them off, so the products can be stored immediately. Check on the backorders and get information on products that changed product numbers or have gone out of stock.

The daily invoices and credit notes can be checked quickly and posted to the accounting system – and it is easy to find historical data. Finally, the iPad is perfect for sharing information between the head office and branches.


Flexible customer advice

The iPad is also a great help with customers. The pharmacy's staff are no longer bound to the computer at the counter, but they can get close to the customer and shows pictures of the products directly on the iPad. With the elegant scroll function, it is easy and fast to help the customer find the correct product. The search function also ensures quick and flexible advice for the customers at the self-service desk.



If you have questions regarding Nomeco's iPad-solution please contact your local Key Account Manager