Human pharmaceuticals

At Nomeco, the pharmacy gets the best service level in the market. The current pharmaceuticals registered for sale on the Danish market can be found at, which is updated by the Danish Medicines Agency updates every 14 days.
Through a highly specialized purchasing system and focus on suppliers' delivery capability, Nomeco's customers are guaranteed the right drugs on the shelf - also on 'tariff queuing'. And Nomeco's position as the only Danish supplier with both the pharmaceutical industry and wholesaler warehouse, provides pharmacies with a number of benefits with quick delivery of any order backing.

Unregistered specialties

Nomeco also sells medicines that are not approved in Denmark - either because they have never been approved in Denmark or because they have been unsubscribed. Such non-registered specialties (IRS) may be prescribed by the doctor after the Danish Medicines Agency's approval.
Some of these products are on stock in Nomeco. Pharmacies who are customers at Nomeco can see a list of these in our online customer center, accessible via our website. If we do not have them on stock, our subsidiary, Specific Pharma, is highly specialised in sourcing pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Nomeco have more than 7,000 pharmaceutical products on stock.