Complete Sales And Stock Insight

Nomeco wholesale offers a sales and stock report, which is sent monthly via e-mail. The report shows the stock level per product item as well as the total sales to private and hospital pharmacies.

Greater insight in real-time

Furthermore Nomeco wholesale offers complete and immediate access to all sales- and stock data related to your products via the web-based BI solution NOWA. This way you are always up to date with your business, and you can respond quickly and accurately to the market development.
NOWA gives you access to the data related to stock levels and sales of your products through Nomeco wholesale – including an updated stock status and sales to pharmacies divided by business modules and sales to hospitals at an individual level. All the information is in the same program, and accessible online 24/7.
The system is easy to use, and implementation requires minimal training and involvement of IT resources. 
If you also have products at Nomeco pre-wholesale, you will get a combined overview of sales and stock data valid for wholesale and pre-wholesale. 


Would you like to know more about NOWA and the access to the sales and stock data, please contact Commercial & Legal Affairs at