Branded Goods

Nomeco guarantees a dynamic and attractive assortment of brands, that develops with the market trends. The brands are also called free market products and comprises of all products that are not medication and are legal for pharmacies to sell.

The assortment includes all the products in the assortment of the pharmacies resulting in an exciting selection of products, all of which are authorized by de Danish Medicines Agency (called the “positive list”).

As a customer at Nomeco, the pharmacy is ensured that the suppliers of brands comply with all applicable laws. Nomeco has, for example, obtained warranties from manufacturers of dietary supplements to ensure that the products are reported according to the laws. The same applies to nutritional products for medical purposes. All warranties can be found in the Service Solutions.


The best service in the market

Nomeco is proactive when it comes to delivery performance related to the pharmacies sale of for example promotional items. At the same time, Nomeco ensure attractive pricing and a high contribution margin for the pharmacy. The durability of the products is also high end, as Nomeco demands suppliers to maintain a minimum of 12 months durability on brand products.


Nomeco’s BrandUniverse ensures overview

With Nomeco’s BrandUniverse, which the pharmacy can find under Service Solutions, they will have an overview, knowledge and inspiration to select the right products. Nomeco’s BrandUniverse also provides several unique search options, providing the pharmacy easy and quick access to the products requested by their customers.

Nomeco has around 5,000 products (such as creams and pacifiers) in their assortment. Approximately 700 of these are categorized as dietary supplements and herbal remedies.


Tina Skou Sortimentschef
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