We Are the Preferred Partner of the Pharmacies

Nomeco is the Danish pharmacies’ preferred partner. Almost all the pharmacies in Denmark are our customers, and approx. half of them receive their supplies only from us. The cooperation is based on close dialogue, a high degree of service, secure supplies, and a range of value-adding solutions and concepts.

Every day, approx. 35 customer service employees and 10 VMI-specialists are ready to offer help and answer questions, while 300 employees at the warehouses are involved in packing the goods and making them ready for shipment. Each year, 75 drivers cover several millions of kilometres to deliver goods to the pharmacies. At Nomeco the pharmacies deal locally with the branches in Copenhagen, Odense, Kolding, Århus and Aalborg.

We know the pharmacies’ needs and try to be prepared with offers to facilitate the daily work at the pharmacies. We are a forward-looking and innovative partner undergoing continuous development for the sake of our customers. Our customers have access to a range of online services – solutions to streamline work and take the pharmacies’ customer service to a higher level.