Nomeco HealthCare Logistics offers storage facilities for all relevant types of pharmaceuticals at our Warehouses. The majority of our capacity is for goods that require normal storage conditions (15-25°C). At our premises in Copenhagen we also have storage facilities for narcotics, chilled products (2-8°C) and frozen products (below -18°C). 
Nomeco’s two warehouses are situated in the Copenhagen area, in Sydhavn and in Brøndby. The Sydhavn warehouse is used primarily for pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products directed towards the Danish market. The Brøndby warehouse primarily handles exports.

Nomeco’s warehouses adhere to official regulations and relevant GxP standards. This entails, among other things, a comprehensive security programme with e.g. monitoring, security guards, and security cards providing limited access to warehouse and administration areas. 

All storage conditions are available as pallet and shelf locations. The storage conditions are monitored in regard to temperature and humidity, and the temperature is actively controlled. 

Nomeco carries out status on the stock by cycle counting. We take stock around the year - the stock-taking is done at times when the warehouse occupancy rate is low. In this way, the resources are put to optimal use. 

All stock is counted at least once a year. Narcotics are counted once a month, every third count is a blind count. 

Apart from the standard solution, you can choose a number of additional services to compliment your solution to meet specific needs. These are for instance: 

  • Administration of destruction
  • Additional counts and reporting on narcotics if your QA department e.g. wishes weekly counts
  • Additional counts of the regular stock
  • Storage of pharmaceutical ingredients or bulk