At Nomeco we are in close contact with the market and aware of the current needs. This enables us to quickly develop solutions adapted to the pharmacies’ needs.

You may discuss e.g. supplies divided by location, optimizing filling of boxes, securing filling of robots and other means of streamlining logistics at the pharmacy with the sales representative at Nomeco.

Apart from that, Nomeco offers to manage the pharmacy’s orders and stocks. Thus, orders will be placed automatically based on the pharmacy's actual sales and stocks. We call it VMI (short for Vendor Managed Inventory), which is a huge success; almost half of the Danish pharmacies use this solution.

Besides, Nomeco offers to supply analyes in connection with major changes at the pharmacy, e.g. renovation or installation of a robot. We may also help to optimize sales at the pharmacy by Space Management, which may be used in self service, behind the counter and in the dispensary.