In Denmark the Danish Medicines Agency is the first to be contacted when a pharmaceutical product needs to be withdrawn from the market. 

Nomeco recommends the following procedure regarding a recall:

Contact the Danish Medicines Agency by phone +45 4488 9595. For more information look at the Danish Medicines Agency’s website:

• Make an agreement with the Danish Medicines Agency on what to do. If necessary remember to agree on how to contact your customers (e.g. pharmacies, hospitals or wholesaler).

Contact Nomeco: 
• If you are a supplier to Nomeco Pharmacy Division: Send an e-mail to or contact your daily contact person in the purchasing department by phone
• If you are a supplier to Nomeco HealthCare Logistics: Contact your daily contact person in HealthCare Logistics customer service by phone and e-mail  AND send an e-mail to
• Outside normal business hours Nomeco can be reached by phone +45 3645 4536 where a call center will take your call 
• If you contact Nomeco by phone please send a written confirmation of instructions regarding the recall to the emails mentioned above within one hour
• Nomeco will immediately block the withdrawn product and ensure that the products are handled in agreement with the supplier 
• Nomeco will also be ready to handle the returned products that have been recalled from the market (e.g. pharmacies, hospitals or others)

Contact your customers (e.g. pharmacies, hospitals or wholesalers) based on the agreement with the Danish Medicines Agency.