Pick and Pack

The term ‘pick and pack’ covers the actual physical process whereby products are selected (picked) from our warehouses according to what has been ordered, and then packed for further delivery.

When a customer order is received at Nomeco’s Customer service, it is handled according to the arranged customer setup and released for dispatch at the requested time. At Nomeco’s Central Warehouse, our staff handles the picks as either electronic picking or paper based picking. Most of the picking lines at Nomeco warehouse are based on electronic picking. The staff is continually fed data through PDA’s en route through the extensive warehouses. The remaining lines are paper based picks. These picks include export deliveries, cold and narcotic products, samples, emergency orders and hazardous goods.

  • All orders are picked according to the FEFO principle (First Expiry First Out) unless another agreement has been made between the pharmaceutical company and the customer.
  • All goods are handled and packed according to GDP standards.
  • All goods at the Central Warehouse are controlled by batch. This also applies for deliveries leaving the Central Warehouse.
  • For all deliveries from Central Warehouse a double control is carried out. This ensures high quality in your deliveries to your customers.

The cold and frozen deliveries from Nomeco Central Warehouse can – at the suppliers’ wish – be delivered with temperature loggers in the freight container. The temperature loggers are kept cold at the warehouse and packed along with the pharmaceuticals in the freight container. The loggers can be read directly on arrival at the customer and if there are no remarks, the goods can be forwarded straight to saleable stock at the customers.

Pick and pack activities directed towards hospital pharmacies are tailor fitted the individual pharmacy. The terms of delivery for the pharmaceuticals, including cold and narcotic products, are optimized in co-operation with the hospital pharmacy. 

Nomeco provides hospital pharmacies with several additional pick-and-pack services: Hospital pharmacies expect cytostatika products to be capped in safety bags, and most of the hospital pharmacies prefer products to be delivered without outer packaging for immediate distribution within the hospital.