Personnel Policy

Working at Nomeco you help ensuring that the consumer receives the right medicine at the right time. We offer a high level of service to our customers and add new knowledge for the benefit of their customers. You will become an active element in a cooperation empowering everybody and which forms the basis for a meaningful job focussing on development and commitment. 

Job satisfaction, ambition and development are guiding stars to Nomeco. We value resourcefulness, initiative and creativity as the driving forces of innovation. We want to be the best place of work and meet your ambitions by listening, evaluating and supporting personal development planning of common interest. 

Attitude towards our employees 
Nomeco's personnel policy expresses our attitude towards the company's employees. Our personnel policy covers, among other things, Nomeco's basic view of human values, our goals for the company and attitudes towards key concepts such as quality, responsibility and management. 

At the same time, we express our views regarding Nomeco's key areas: management and organisation, employment and dismissal, development and education, wages and salaries, job value and welfare, cooperation and information, and apprentices and senior staff.

Framework for you to fill 
We perceive the personnel policy as the framework carrying Nomeco's culture. The policy signals attitudes and values based on the Nomeco "personality" and culture. At the same time, our personnel policy gives a good understanding of your opportunities as a Nomeco employee, if you wish to make use of them. 

They are not rigid rules and regulations to be followed to the letter, but a flexible framework for the individual employee to fill in.