Nomeco OnSite Stock

Suppliers of medicines to hospitals can now secure increased availability of the preparations: A refrigerator placed at the hospital pharmacy creates the direct connection between industry and hospital. 

The solution is called 'Nomeco OnSite Stock' and is especially suitable for non-stocked preparations, which usually have to be urgently transported from the wholesaler to the hospital, or products with fluctuating consumption.

The refrigerator is owned and maintained by Nomeco, but the content belongs to the supplier – right up until the hospital pharmacy picks the preparation from the refrigerator. It is only at this point that ownership changes, similar to the principle of a mini bar in a hotel. 

In this way the supplier provides a better service to the hospital pharmacy and thus the hospital ward. The advantages for the hospital pharmacy is, partly, that the preparation is only purchased when there is a current and urgent need for it and, partly, it minimises the time spent from ordering to delivery and thus the treatment can commence without unnecessary waiting time.

By using 'Nomeco OnSite Stock', urgent delivery is avoided where the preparation is ordered and picked at Nomeco and then sent in a taxi from Nomeco's warehouse to the hospital pharmacy. Here, it needs to be registered and picked before it can be delivered onwards to the ward where it will be used.

In addition, the supplier gains better and greater insight into the sale of the preparation at the hospital pharmacy since a sale from 'Nomeco OnSite Stock' can be followed directly on the supplier's sales report. 
Nomeco attends to the handling of the products and the replenishment of the refrigerator so there is no extra work for the manufacturer. 

Fact box: 

• The preparation is always available when the need for treatment arises – even outside of normal opening hours
• The refrigerator is secured with a lock so only authorised personnel have access
• The storage complies with all quality standards (GDP) 
• Nomeco is responsible for the audits of the external sites and is responsible for the quality of the storage and documented procedures plus the procedures in the event of deviations 
• Nomeco is responsible for security. By using a personal key, authorised personnel have access to Nomeco OnSite Stock. Furthermore, a log is activated every time the key is used
• Insurance of the preparations is taken care of by Nomeco
• Unbroken cold storage chain from Nomeco to the refrigerator at the hospital pharmacy and until the preparation is picked from the refrigerator.

The refrigerator is approved by the Danish Medicines Agency (as part of Nomeco’s §39 permit). 'Nomeco OnSite Stock' is currently in use at Capital Region Pharmacy as well as Aalborg University Hospital. 

Please contact sales for further information on 'Nomeco OnSite Stock'.