New on the Danish Market?

As a wholesaler Nomeco delivers pharmaceuticals and other medical products from an assortment of over 16,000 items to Danish pharmacies. Hereof 6,720 are human pharmaceuticals, of which 6,000 are prescription drugs. Moreover, we store licensed products, which doctors may prescribe with permission from the Danish Medicines Agency. Nomeco has 5,000 branded goods (e.g. lotions and shampoos) in their assortment – of which 700 are dietary supplements and natural remedies. Further, we have nearly 800 veretinary medicines for animals.

If you are new on the Danish market and would like to sell your product from Danish pharmacies, Nomeco may be able to help. When it comes to pharmaceuticals, Nomeco is product neutral, handling products that are approved by the Danish Medicines Agency. A pharmaceutical Price List is published every fortnight.

However, Nomeco chooses which branded goods they wish to include as part of their assortment (these are products which are not pharmaceuticals, but are still sold at pharmacies).