Customer Service

As the pharmaceutical industries' outsourcing partner of logistics, Nomeco HealthCare Logistics solves several administrative assignments on behalf of the manufacturers. Typical assignments may include:

  • An acceptance check of incoming goods
  • Notifying the producer regarding supply vouchers
  • Handling quality documents – for instance, documentation of the cold chain
  • Receiving orders from the manufacturer’s customers
  • Settling invoicing

Our Customer service is characterised by possessing the ability to handle individual requests made by manufacturers. To ensure a uniform and reproducible quality, all the critical processes for each manufacturer are accurately described in the Manufacturer manual. This manual is prepared by Nomeco HealthCare Logistics, and along with the manufacturer, is kept up to date.

The manufacturers who have chosen to outsource their logistics to Nomeco HealthCare Logistics. Daily, they are serviced by two teams. Each manufacturer has an assigned liaison, which is supported by their respective team. This ensures that there is always someone present with prior knowledge concerning the manufacturer’s products and routines.

For additional information feel free to contact Nomeco HealthCare LogisticsCentral Warehouse.