Goods Receipt

When goods are delivered to Nomeco Central warehouse, they are pre-inspected. Delivery conditions, number of collis and any breakages are registered. The pre-inspection information is automatically forwarded to your company via Nomeco’s DMS (Delivery Monitoring System). During the detailed inspection, expiry, product and batch numbers are controlled against the internal Nomeco goods receipt documents. Units per box are counted and the total number of received products are updated in Nomeco’s ERP system. 

The mandatory Import Control for the Danish market is made during the detailed inspection. The Import Control is an EU regulation maintained by the Danish Medicines Agency. The Import Control ensures that a qualified person has released the goods within the European Union before they are sent to a saleable location. 

After a detailed inspection the products are moved to their warehouse location. Quarantined goods are blocked on location and clearly marked; saleable goods are released for sale on location. The goods receipt procedures are described in Nomeco’s quality system PSS and are used as standard procedures. Alternatively Nomeco offers to carry out the goods receipt according to company specific SOP’s. The goods receipt is based on double control carried out by different employees. The first control is at the reception and the second control is when the goods are released on the location.