Environmental Compliance and Commitment

Nomeco is a responsible company committed to managing and developing its business in a sustainable manner. Nomeco is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace for the employees as well as sound environmental practices.

Nomeco has integrated sound environmental practices to all business processes, planning and decision making. Nomeco especially wants to reduce its carbon footprint based on Nomeco’s consumption of heat and electricity as well as the consumption of fuel for transporting goods internally in Nomeco and to the customers.

Since 2009 Nomeco has made an extraordinary effort to cut down on the Carbon Footprint and in three years Nomeco has succeeded in reducing the CO2 emission by 15.4 %. It is first and foremost an effort to cut down on the use of electricity that has led to the extraordinary result. Last year a new refrigeration system on Nomeco’s stock in Copenhagen has helped reducing the emission together with energy efficient automatically switch on and off light, new ceiling fixtures, power strips and other measures.

In a period of three years from 2009 to 2011 Nomeco has reduced the consumption of diesel by 75,000 litres. The consumption fell drastically in 2009 when Nomeco went from several to one single daily delivery to the pharmacies. Since then the consumption has been kept at an almost steady level.

In 2011 Nomeco bought qoutas of electricity produced through hydroelectric power from Norway which is CO2 neutral. If you take this into account when measuring the carbon footprint for 2011 you will find a CO2 reduction of 70%.

By 2012 Nomeco has reduced CO2 emission by 20 %.

The CO2 reduction

When the environmental compliance program started the goal was to reduce the CO2 emission by 10% in three years from 2009 to 2011. This goal was quickly reached and therefore Nomeco increased its expectations to 15 % - which was reaced as well.

Nomeco will continuously follow up on the energy consumption and the CO2 emission and implement an overall estimate at the turn of each year.