Sampling is a vital part of the information provided to healthcare professionals by Pharma companies. As an integral information and marketing activity, however, it often demands extensive resources due to the many legal, administrative and logistical issues involved. The marketing service eLMK is developed to support the handling of and distribution of pharmaceutical samples.

The eLMK portal is basically a modular Internet application which consists of six generic functionalities: ordering, approval, pick and pack, shipment, registration and statistics. The online tool encompasses the entire flow of pharmaceutical samples into one unified online system – it integrates and automates the process concerned with sampling. Using eLMK ensures a continual focus on effectiveness, quality management and compliance to existing regulations.

By subscribing to eLMK Pharma companies gain access to an effective and easy-to-use means of streamlining the necessary back-office setup that supports the everyday work of medical representatives.

eLMK offers a workflow on samples that include:

  • Ordering of product samples by the reps
  • Approval of product sample orders by the sales team leader (optional)
  • Pick and pack of drug samples including mandatory labeling on each pack
  • Shipment of samples directly to each rep, directly to the doctor or to a central pick-up point
  • Printed sample requisition on batch level with unique product key
  • Sample simulation to help reps plan their visits
  • Registration of samples in a Cegedim doctor database or a company specific database
  • Statistics on handed out samples
  • Possible integration with existing CRM systems

For additional information feel free to contact:

Pia Berg Kristensen Key Account Manager
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Lennart McGregor Key Account Manager
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