Nomeco HealthCare Logistics offers to coordinate and handle transportation to our customer’s customers. Due to our transportation volume, Nomeco has negotiated transport rates that give our customers access to attractive transportation rates. Nomeco has close co-operation with major transport companies and thus established quality assurance programmes for deliveries to the Danish and Nordic markets. The quality programmes entail – among other things – that the drivers of the transport companies are trained and that Nomeco carries out audits on a regular basis.

Deliveries to your Danish wholesale customers operate according to scheduled and customized setups for each of the main wholesale customers. Nomeco has established delivery agreements with all main Danish retail wholesalers. Deliveries to the major Nordic wholesalers are usually carried out according to regular delivery patterns agreed upon.
Rush and emergency deliveries are made by plane when necessary.

Hospital pharmacies are served by Nomeco HealthCare Logistics ▪Hospital Service. The physical delivery of goods to hospitals is carried out both from Nomeco’s Central Warehouse and from our wholesale facilities. The deliveries are customized to meet the needs of each hospital pharmacy. This entails 1-5 deliveries per day. 

In addition to regular deliveries, all hospital pharmacies receive ad hoc deliveries in the case of rush or emergency orders. 
Deliveries to other wholesalers – e.g. retail and veterinarian wholesalers – are customized for major wholesalers.