According to the ministerial order of advertisement 272, dated the 21st of march 2007, § 31 concerning disbursement of cost-induced discounts of distribution of human pharmaceuticals, the supplier is required to make the standard delivery and discount conditions public.

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The standard delivery conditions for Nomeco A/S are as follows:
· Placing an order via Nomeco's customer service
· No limits regarding the size of the trade
· Orders are received, picked and dispatched immediately
· Delivery is packed in accordance with the pharmacy’s partitioning of locations
· Delivered freely in Denmark - to a certified address
· Output is without automatic round-up
· Returning of pharmacy confined pharmaceuticals bought from Nomeco - outside the planned delivery date - for a fee

No discount is provided, for delivery in accordance with the standard delivery conditions.

Discount conditions:
The size of the trade, optimising the delivery of packing, the number of deliveries to the pharmacy’s units, the scope of stock clearance as well as the general cost-control behaviour are elements, which will be considered in the future when disbursing discounts.

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