Business Intelligence

Business data and market information are key components when optimising production and distribution to meet the fluctuating market demands. Information and transparency in the entire distribution chain are vital if backorders or surplus production must be avoided. However, not all pharmaceutical companies need the same level of information, transparency, and update frequency.

Overall, Nomeco HealthCare Logistics offers a choice or combination of four different levels of information exchange:

  1. Standardised status reports in PDF format - The PDF reports are a standard component included in all our services. Reports can be distributed via e-mail on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  2. NOWA – Our web-based business data solution, NOWA, offers Pharma companies a detailed view into Nomeco’s data warehouse and allows the user to set up personalized reports that meet your exact demands.
  3. File integration – With file integration our clients gain full insight into Nomeco’s data warehouse through the company’s own standard software (e.g. SAP, Oracle). The integration includes transmission of a raw data file – carefully adjusted to the internal systems of each client.
  4. Real-time data integration – The highest level of data exchange. In this case Nomeco HealthCare Logistics' operational systems are directly connected to the internal systems of our clients via a middleware platform. Thus offering real-time access to all information.

NOWA is a webbased data delivery system that provides complete, instant access to all sales and inventory data. With full insight and up to date information, our clients are able to respond to market developments much faster and more accurately.

This easy-to-use application can be implemented with minimal involvement of internal IT resources and training.

Supply chain optimisation
NOWA provides access to data covering the entire supply chain, including pre-wholesales data, wholesales data, data regarding export and retail. Data on sales to hospitals is available on individual level and on module-level for retail pharmacies.

Integration and availability of data from all supply chain sections through one application is a unique feature offered by NOWA as the figure below illustrates:

Key features

  • Transparent and up-to-date
  • Automatic alerts
  • Flexibility

NOWA is built on the well-known business standard platform, Cognos, which limits the need for education of new users. In most cases, a one-day introduction course is sufficient. You can try Nowa for free. For additional information feel free to contact Nomeco HealthCare Logistics▪Sales.