Branded goods

Nomeco’s range of branded goods comprises products on the free market which naturally and appropriately belong in a pharmacy.

Product groups
The range of branded goods is divided in the following main product groups: child care, skin care, toiletries and hygiene articles, dental and oral care, dressing material, nursing requisites, incl. medical equipment. Besides, there are products for nose, throat, eyes, ears, reagents and tests, disinfection and pesticides and special products for diabetics and ostomy patients.

The range also covers a large number of dietary supplements, vitamins and herbal medicines.

Herbal medicines
In herbal medicines, the active ingredients are solely natural and their concentration is not much higher than in nature. Herbal medicines must be authorized by the Danish Medicines Agency before they can be marketed. The Danish medicines Agency states requirements for the production, quality, safety and effect of herbal medicines.

Dietary supplements
Dietary supplements are products which add nutrients to the normal diet – e.g. ordinary vitamin and mineral products. They may also be products with other physiological effects, e.g. products with a slimming effect, which strengthen the immune system or relieve tiredness. But dietary supplements must not be sold with the intention of curing diseases. Dietary supplements must comply with the food legislation and must be reported to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Nomeco has received guarantees from the manufacturers that all the dietary supplements distributed have been duly reported.