10 Questions to the HR Director

  • We are aiming at creating exciting jobs characterized by challenge, initiative and the chance for development. Those are important conditions for the employees to thrive. Our organization does not offer a lot of routine work. You are involved in improvements and projects and must continuously cope with change and new initiatives.

    We attach great importance to internal mobility and thus following individual career opportunities. In our philosophy, there are many opportunities but you must be willing to grab them. Some of our employees started their career at the warehouse and have moved on to positions as operations manager – they have taken the management way. Others move on to staff or sales positions.

  • You acquire strong qualifications in logistics and you learn about the entire supply chain of the pharma industry – because you are located right in the middle of it all. Typically, you will build a large network and get in close contact with our customers, who are the pharmacies and the pharma industry. Cues like improvements, projects and quality also come to mind.

  • Being customer oriented and extremely quality conscious are important qualifications. Besides, we prefer our employees to be curious and ready for action, because a lot of new things are happening. That is the challenge of new employees here – whether you work in the administration or in the warehouse.

    For some positions, we prefer employees with pharmacy experience. For others we need people with a logistics background from a company or a logistics education. But we are open towards profiles which may not have been obvious for a position but whom we may train for the job in question. Actually, we think it is important to employ people with a wide variety of qualifications, experiences and methods and with different backgrounds. The different qualifications and experiences are part of Nomeco's strength.

  • We have a very thorough introduction program for new employees where they are introduced to different key persons in the company. That way they will be presented to the different functions and people. A couple of times a year we arrange a common introduction day for all new employees, and furthermore there will often be an element of on-the-job training. At the warehouse, for instance, we use "neighbour training".

  • We do a lot to create a good atmosphere. In general, the culture is characterized by a high degree of friendliness. We always try to recruit people who are positive, constructive and resourceful. There is a civil tone and people treat each other decently. It is okay to disagree but you do not go after the man, but after the issue. Generally, people do not go around stabbing each other in the back.

    We think it is very important that the employees enjoy social activities together. We support all the business and social activities in the different departments. If the cooperation is not satisfactory, we arrange team building sessions and try in many ways to create a good working environment.

  • We attach great importance to creating a decent balance between work and leisure. It is important to Nomeco that all employees feel that there is room for a life with family and leisure activities. We do that in several ways, e.g. by offering to create home-based work if that is compatible with the type of work you have.

  • We stress the importance of internal training e.g. in improvement management, project management and our quality management system. That is extremely important, because it is very specific to Nomeco.

    Besides, we look at the individual employee's needs and offer opportunities of external competency development. Perhaps you need something specific in your daily work to be able to do your job better. Or perhaps you wish to develop qualifications which may be used in the long run. That could be everything from a short course to a training course over several years in e.g. the pharmaceutical industry, logistics or management.

  • Nomeco employs a large number of students in our warehouses and we are highly appreciative of their work. They are able to work some of the shifts which are not very attractive to our permanent employees, e.g. the night shifts. The job is attractive to the students because we offer a well-ordered workplace and a competitive salary. To a large extent the students decide themselves how many hours they want to work and they may get either fixed shifts or be on call. So it is easy fitting the job in with all the other activities you may have.

    Many students, particularly from the health-oriented studies, find it interesting to see how we handle pharmaceuticals and the wholesalers function in the supply chain. We also employ students from logistics studies who are interested in experiencing our efficient logistics set-up.

  • Our pillars express who we are and how we see ourselves in relation to our customers. When you read them, you should say "That is great. I would like to become part of that." If you are turned on by those ideas, you are not all wrong in relation to Nomeco.

    Our pillars express who we are and how we see ourselves in relation to our customers. When you read them, you should say "That is great. I would like to become part of that." If you are turned on by those ideas, you are not all wrong in relation to Nomeco.

  • Many new employees say that they see us as a company with extremely well organized systems, procedures and operations. That is true, from our introduction plans to our quality systems and emergency procedures. We are ISO-certified and must observe many requirements from authorities and customers, so of course we must be well organized. But that is something special and unique and also one of the things to adopt when you work here.